Display Rentals

LCD? PLASMA? Let Datasis help you decide upon the very best monitor solution for your application.

If you’re setting up a simple training room or office then a 17" LCD monitor is a perfect solution, but in a tradeshow or Point of Sale/Point of Information environment you will want your viewers to see your product in the very best (and biggest) light! For these applications you really need to implement bright LCD and Plasma technology for that "state-of-the-art" impact!

Datasis is proud to carry computer display equipment from the very best manufacturers like NEC Display Solutions, Panasonic and Samsung. In addition to the displays themselves, we can set you up with matching speaker systems for either computer or video demonstrations.

And, we have a mounting solution for your application – wall mounts, floor stands, table stands – we’ll help you decide on the very best method of showing off your products!