Computer Rentals

Datasis has been renting computers since the very first Compaq Portables were introduced in the 1980s. Since then the technology has changed and improved by leaps and bounds and so have the fundamentals of computer rental.

When you rent from Datasis you are assured of quality systems with clean operating systems that always have the latest updates and patches. We take great care to be sure that all appropriate and current device drivers are installed for the system devices as well as any peripherals you have ordered with the rental computer.

Every computer we rent is formatted and re-imaged for every order. In the final phase of computer configuration we verify that all updates are current.  Our systems are delivered virus-free, and contain security precautions to help avoid external attacks.

Upon delivery we will set up and test each unit to verify proper operation. If you will be on the internet we will configure the systems and test them with your own network connection and ISP. We will also set up any necessary printers or print-sharing, hard-drive shares and/or password protection. Only when you are completely satisfied will we leave, and then with the 24/7 guarantee that the hardware we have rented you will not cause you problems.